On Site Interpretation, it includes simultaneous interpretation which is mainly used for conferences or gatherings where speaker and interpreter talk almost at the same time or consecutive interpretation when the interpreter conveys the message after each utterance in the target language.

Over The Phone: when physical presence of the interpreter is not needed or there is no enough time for this and it could be done remotely, this is the same as being applied for conference call interpretation.

Transcription : We transcribe all kind of audio or video files for legal , education , business , marketing or advertising ,etc. fields .Transcription could be done just in English ( for example English audio to English text ) or cross language



RivInt provides you with high quality translation services to target your multicultural audiences. Our program coordinators are always available here to discuss about your requirements ending up the best possible convenient solutions to deliver material in a timely manner communicating with your audience.

We translate all kind of documents including certificates, brochures , personal documents , transcripts , marketing materials ,medical or legal documents ,websites , etc.

List of Languages We Provide Interpretation Services For please click here