About Us

RivInt is an agency that was initially established in January 2000 to train newcomers and new immigrants as professional interpreters with language skills. It was done in partnership with the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the South Riverdale Community Health Centre.

The purpose of this service was formed in the beginning to advocate quality health care for newcomers through the accessibility of healthcare in many languages that was spoken by the patients. Since then, RivInt Interpretation and Translation Services has grown to cater to the needs of clients from many fields, as interpretation and translation is growing in demand to adjust to the fast-growing demands of globalization and multicultural interactions.

RivInt is a social enterprise that is formed by the management by the Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women, a company that has been in existence since 2000 and has continually assisted around 4,000 immigrants and newcomers yearly through various community programs. All our profits go directly into our managing charity, Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women.


What We Do

RivInt has been providing language services to the community of the Greater Toronto Area, establishing language understandability for those who lack English or French language skills.

RivInt has 900 translators and interpreters, servicing in over 90 languages.

Today, our services have expanded to a widespread range of sectors, including:





-social services



Awards and Recognition

RivInt has received several awards and recognitions from our clients over the past years, ranging from diverse industries and fields highlighting our excellent and competent interpreting services:

2009: Recipient of the Social Enterprise Angels Award, presented by the Canadian Social Enterprise Conference

2012: Recipient of the Mayor’s Community Safety Award in Toronto

2012: Recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding community achievement and dedication.